Last updated 29/09/2021

LUMIX Pro Service Membership

These terms and conditions apply to LUMIX PRO and LUMIX PRO Services (“LPS”) membership and use of any LPS Membership benefits as set out herein. Panasonic may update these Terms of Use from time to time without prior notice to you. You should review the current Terms of Use periodically by visiting your LPS account online or by requesting a copy of the current terms from the LPS Membership admin team.

LPS Membership is offered to you in Australia by Panasonic Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 001 592 187), Level 1, 1 Innovation Road, Macquarie Park NSW, Australia.

1. Definitions

“You”, “Your” and “Customer” means the member or purchaser of the LUMIX Pro Services or your LUMIX PRO membership.

“We”, “Us”, “Our” and “Panasonic” means Panasonic Australia and any related body corporate of the Panasonic Corporation of Japan.

“LUMIX” means a range of camera bodies and lenses that are manufactured by Panasonic.

“Professional” means uses of the range of qualifying products for LUMIX Pro as defined by Panasonic.

“Equipment” means individual product items from the range of qualifying products as defined by Panasonic.

“Qualifying Equipment” has the same meaning as defined in Clause 3.2.

“Membership period” means the period from initial registration until expiry, usually one (1) year unless otherwise specified.

“LUMIX Pro Service” or “LPS” means the level of service provided as part of the Silver, Platinum or Black levels of LUMIX PRO (the “membership level”) , as per the terms and conditions set out in this document, and relevant to your country of residence.

1.9 “LUMIX PRO” means the over-arching programme of activity, which consists of the registration platform from which LUMIX PRO Service or LPS are available.

“LUMIX PRO Hotline” or “Hotline” means the services as described in Clause 7.3 below.

“Pick-up and Return Service” means the services as described in Clause 5 below.

“Repair” means the services as described in Clause 7 below.

“Target Turnaround Times” means the time it takes for a repair to occur once it has been booked into the Service facility as described in Clause 4.3.

“Territory” means the countries of Australia, Japan, United States, Canada, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom.

“Home” territory means the Territory in which the member registered mailing address appears within their individual profile.

“Visited” territory means the Territory in which the member is visiting for a period outside of their “Home” territory that offers the LPS programme.

“Working Day” means Monday to Friday 9am until 5pm excluding weekends, bank, public and statutory holidays.


2. What is LPS Membership?

Membership of LPS provides you, as an owner of professional LUMIX equipment, with benefits such as improved turnaround times on repair and access to back-up loans of equipment, loan evaluation equipment and sensor cleans (where applicable on the equipment) to keep your equipment in good condition. The LUMIX Pro web portal allows you to maintain a gear list with proof of purchase for warranty claims and manage repair request. The membership also includes a dedicated support line that can offer technical support on your LUMIX products, above and beyond usual phone service. From time to time, you will have access to LUMIX Pro events, and exclusive information around LUMIX products and services. Access varies depending on the membership level.

LPS Membership offers a member a different scope of services depending on their Level of membership, region and country of residence:

LPS repair and loan of back-up equipment (as defined in the Clause 7.2. of these Terms of Use) benefits are provided to the residents of the countries as set out in Clause 5.

For any queries in relation to LPS Membership in general or your membership specifically, please contact the LPS Membership Administration Team for your region. Lumix Pro Australian Members can also submit enquires via the Lumix Pro Services website user dashboard. Region email contact:

AUSTRALIA – lps@au.panasonic.com
UNITED KINGDOM – lumix-pro.uk@eu.panasonic.com
DENMARK – lumix-pro.de@eu.panasonic.com
FRANCE – lumix-pro.fr@eu.panasonic.com
ITALY – lumix-pro.it@eu.panasonic.com
SPAIN – lumix-pro.es@eu.panasonic.com
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – lps@us.panasonic.com
JAPAN – info_lps@gg.jp.panasonic.com
AUSTRIA – lumix-pro.at@eu.panasonic.com
IRELAND – lumix-pro.ie@eu.panasonic.com
BELGIUM – lumix-pro.be@eu.panasonic.com
SWEDEN – lumix-pro.se@eu.panasonic.com
POLAND – lumix-pro.pl@eu.panasonic.com
CZECH REPUBLIC – lumix-pro.cz@eu.panasonic.com
SLOVAKIA – lumix-pro.cz@eu.panasonic.com
CANADA – lps@us.panasonic.com


3. How to become an LPS Member in Australia

LPS membership is available to individuals within the LPS Participating Countries (see ANNEX 1) over the age of 18 who own and register professional LUMIX Qualifying Equipment.

Currently, LPS Membership is only available to individuals who own and register specific LUMIX professional equipment. The current list of the products in Australia which qualify under LPS Membership and their LPS status level can be found at https://lumixpro.panasonic.com.au/. Only equipment listed as qualifying within the LPS Membership program will count towards membership status “Qualifying Equipment”.

There are currently Three (3) levels of LPS Membership available which will receive services and benefits as part of LUMIX PRO, and Two (2) that are open to the public – Silver and Platinum – (please see Clause 4.3. of these Terms of Use). Your membership levels depend solely on the Qualifying Equipment owned and registered by you, and membership fee paid.

Panasonic Australia may in its sole discretion extend an invitation to Black level membership which receives the same benefit inclusions as the Platinum service.

Registration for LPS Membership is easy: simply register your details and the products you own on-line through https://lumixpro.panasonic.com.au/. Once registered, your account will be verified (which can take up to 2 business days). After your account has been verified you will then be sent your Welcome Pack and you can start receiving the LUMIX PRO benefits.

Membership of LPS is strictly subject to these terms and conditions. If at any time you decide you do not wish to be a member or you do not accept these terms and conditions, you must cancel your membership immediately by contacting the LPS Membership admin team in writing, by email or by using the “Cancel Membership” function in your LPS profile.

Panasonic may cancel your membership, at any time, without a refund and withdraw all unused benefits if you do not comply with these Terms of Use.

Upon acceptance as a LPS Member your welcome pack will be sent to your delivery address that is listed in your member dashboard.

Your LPS Membership expires 1 year after the initial registration. Your membership level will be recalculated at the time of renewal for subsequent year’s memberships. Please ensure that your Qualifying Equipment list in your user account is always up to date.

Your membership account must be held in your own name and should be registered to your permanent address in Australia (which can be used by Panasonic to communicate with you). You will be responsible for registering the correct and accurate information for membership communications. Any incorrect information will lead to the cancellation of your membership, as outlined in Clause 8.

You must ensure that your LPS profile is updated with any changes to your registered equipment or to personal information through the LPS Members site online at https://lumixpro.panasonic.com.au/. Membership levels and benefits are not transferrable. LPS service is only offered on registered items. Non-registered items will be treated as standard non-LPS service items.

Panasonic reserves the right to refuse membership at any time without giving any reason.


4. LPS Membership Level

Your LPS Membership level will depend on the LUMIX equipment you own and register. The minimum status level and quantity of equipment required for each level of LUMIX Pro Membership are set out in the table at 4.3 below.

The current list of the products which qualify under LPS Membership and their LPS status level can be found at https://lumixpro.panasonic.com.au/. Only the Qualifying Equipment within the LPS membership program will count towards membership status.

Minimum Equipment requirements:

Silver Tier
G Series Requirement: 1 body, 2 lenses
S Series Requirement: 1 body, 2 lenses

Platinum Tier
G Series Requirement: 1 body, 3 lenses
S Series Requirement: 1 body, 3 lenses

All individual product equipment requires a valid serial number to qualify for LUMIX PRO membership. Please register your equipment at lumixpro.panasonic.com.au.

The list of qualifying equipment and associated membership level of that equipment will be updated from time to time. Panasonic reserves the right to change both the membership requirements and status level at any time without notice. You should periodically review the list of equipment and status levels.

If Panasonic changes the list of qualifying equipment per level during a membership period, the new equipment list will only apply to new registrations or renewals made after the publication date. Only changes which would promote the status of a member will apply for the remainder of the current membership period.

The Qualifying Equipment list published at the date of registration will be valid for that membership period (subject to the exception above) and the list published at the date of renewal will be valid for the following year’s membership. Please ensure you check the latest published list when registering and renewing your membership.

If Panasonic changes the Qualifying Equipment list during the membership period, only changes which would promote the status of a member will apply for the remainder of the current membership period.

Should you remove items from your membership profile during your membership period, which means you would not meet the qualifying criteria of that level, then the membership level that was allocated at the start of the membership period shall be retained for the remainder of the current membership period.

The membership level shall reset at the end of the membership period, and at the start of a new membership period a calculation of equipment shall take place so that the correct level of membership is allocated for the new membership period.

If the member shall add new equipment to their membership profile during the membership period, then the membership level will if applicable, be upgraded to the relevant new membership level for the remainder of the membership period, upon payment of any required fees, and the member will then be eligible for additional services on a pro-rated basis.

Members of LUMIX PRO may be offered membership of the BLACK level. The BLACK level is invitation only and the invitation will be issued by the Panasonic LUMIX PRO team, for the respective member. There will be no negotiation or correspondence regarding prospective membership of the LUMIX PRO BLACK Tier. Criteria for membership of the LUMIX PRO BLACK level can vary on an individual basis.


5. LPS Membership – Repair and Back-up loan benefit

This clause is ONLY applicable to LPS membership in the following participating countries: those which are labelled as “Available” in the table in Annex 1.

This clause can be amended by Panasonic if the scope of countries participating is extended. The following repair and loan of back-up equipment benefits are only available in the countries listed above in clause 5.1.

LPS Member benefits according to membership level as follows:

Membership Benefits
Silver Tier Platinum Tier
1300 LUMIXP Support Hotline Access Yes Yes
Minimum Owned Equipment Requirement
(Either G series OR S Series must be met)
– G Series 1 body, 2 lenses 1 body, 3 lenses
– S Series 1 body, 2 lenses 1 body, 3 lenses
Guaranteed Repair Turnaround Time
(*excluding shipping time)
Up to 5 days 2 days
Included Free Sensor Cleans 0 2
Access to Loan Equipment During Repairs Yes Yes
Free Shipping Both Ways for Repairs Yes Yes
Product Evaluation Loan Program 2x Items for 3 days each 2x Items for 1 week each
Global Membership Access
(in participating countries)
No Yes


PLATINUM 2 working days Offered once repair has been checked in at service facility and repair turnaround time cannot be met Australia, Europe, USA and Canada

Target Turnaround Times will only apply to a maximum of three (3) products being serviced at any given time for each individual member.

Target Turnaround Times will apply to camera body warranty and non-warranty repairs.

Target Turnaround Times are not guaranteed. However, both Panasonic and the authorised repair facilities that provide LUMIX PRO services, will endeavour to meet the target times listed above.

Target Turnaround Times are based on working days (Monday to Friday not including public holidays or weekends in the relevant country) and will be deemed to start the working day after receipt of the product by the repair facility and ends on the day the product is ready to leave the repair facility. It does not include time spent in shipment nor any time spent awaiting any customer information necessary to complete the repair, such as missing documentation or acceptance of estimated cost of repair for out of warranty repairs for example.

Target Turnaround Times are not applicable for membership repairs in any of the following territories: French Overseas Territories; the Canary Islands; Ceuta; Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Scilly Isles, Scottish Highlands and Islands.

Where applicable and subject to membership level and availability of loan equipment, a loan of back-up equipment will be offered in the event that Target Turnaround Times cannot be met and will be offered strictly subject to Panasonic’s Authorised Service Centre standard Terms of Loan which you will need to accept when starting the loan through your LPS membership.

Target Turnaround Times and Loan of Back-Up Equipment are only applicable on repairs duly authorised for repair under LPS membership and identified as such as set out in Clause 7 below.

Loan equipment is provided to LUMIX PRO members subject to availability. Panasonic will make best efforts to supply loan equipment of the same model, if it is not available then a compatible or equivalent model will be offered.

For out-of-warranty repairs, you are responsible for paying all applicable costs associated with servicing or repair of the equipment including (but not limited to) parts, labour and any applicable taxes, fees and levies as may be required in the country where the equipment is submitted for repair.

All benefits are subject to availability and to change and may be withdrawn or altered at any time at the absolute discretion of Panasonic. Without limitation, Panasonic reserves the right to make exclusions or exceptions to the availability of benefits. Local variations to the published membership benefits may also apply.

Benefits are personal to you and not transferable. Only the registered LPS member may claim benefits under the membership and only in relation to the equipment registered to and legally owned by that member. You may not claim benefits for any other person or any non-registered equipment, nor allow any other person to claim benefits on your behalf.

No benefit may be claimed retrospectively, i.e., by claiming a benefit that you were entitled to claim but which you did not claim at the time when you were entitled to do so.

Benefits may be added or removed at any time by Panasonic. Third party benefits are supplied in good faith by Panasonic on behalf of the third party, but the benefits will be available subject to the Terms and Conditions as set out by the third party.

All repairs provided under this scheme are subject to Panasonic’s general Terms and Conditions of repair and that of any authorised repair facility providing such services.

In addition to the benefits set out above, Panasonic may make additional benefits or promotional offers available to LPS Members based on membership status and level of use of LPS member services including (but not limited to): repair services, loan equipment; shipping & delivery promotions; surveys and Panasonic and third-party product offers.

In addition to your rights under warranty, Panasonic products come with consumer guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the product repaired or replaced if the product fails to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.


6. LPS Membership – Other Benefits

This Clause is ONLY applicable to LPS Membership in accordance with the following:

The repair and loan of back-up equipment benefits detailed in Clause 5 above are not currently available in the countries listed as NOT AVAILABLE in Annex 1.

LPS members in these countries are not currently entitled to any LPS repair or loan of back-up equipment in these countries. However, if an LPS member from any of these countries visits a country in which LPS operates repair benefits identified in Clause 5.1, they may be entitled to have their registered equipment repaired in the applicable turnaround time according to their membership level (Platinum or Black ONLY). Any such repair will be at the discretion of the service facility and subject to capacity. For the avoidance of any doubt, there is currently no loan back-up equipment benefit available to a member from any of the countries listed as NOT AVAILABLE in Annex 1, regardless of membership level or any visitation to any another participating country. Best efforts will be made to provide the services under clause 5 and 6 so far as is reasonably practical and can be reasonably expected.


7. Use of LPS Membership

7.1 Repair Services:

To utilise the LPS Membership repair or maintenance services simply lodge a repair on the LPS website user portal. Once submitted you will then be contacted by an authorised service centre and provided details on how and where to return your product. In the case of warranty repair, please ensure your proof of purchase is uploaded into your LPS gear list as this will be provided to the repairer to avoid out of warranty repair cost.

Only Panasonic and those service facilities authorised by Panasonic to perform LPS services can be used for repairs under your LPS Membership.

Repair Services are those repairs that are covered by both warranty repairs and out of warranty repairs.

LPS members with BLACK and PLATINUM membership levels can receive repair services in a “Visited” territory when available.

Repairs in any “Visited” Territory may not be covered for all products listed in the LPS equipment list. To confirm what equipment is covered, please contact the relevant country listed in the Territory.

7.2 Loan of Back-Up Equipment:

If your membership entitles you to the loan of back-up equipment (see Clause 5 above) when having your equipment repaired or serviced, your local LUMIX or LPS authorised service facility will contact you if the target turnaround time cannot be met to make arrangements with you directly.

All equipment loaned under this provision is provided strictly based on the authorised service centre’s standard loan terms , which you will need to accept before the loan product will be released.

When a member is entitled to loan back-up equipment in Australia, they are able to have the loan equipment delivered to any standard Australian freight delivery destination at no cost to the member.

It is your obligation to return the loan equipment within 3 days of the return of your own equipment to the address stipulated by Panasonic or the LPS facility that supplied the back-up equipment (or as may be otherwise agreed with Panasonic in writing).

You must ensure that every item loaned, including accessories, is returned in the same condition as supplied and you are responsible for any loss, damage or theft of any equipment on loan to you and will be required to reimburse Panasonic or its authorised repair centre for repair or replacement. You are advised to consider taking out suitable insurance to cover any equipment on loan to you.

Panasonic disclaims and excludes all liability in respect of any equipment loaned to you to the maximum extent permitted by law.

7.3 Telephone Hotline:

As part of the LPS membership Panasonic provides a Hotline for Your Product in the Territory which offers priority customer support (Technical, Repair (coordinate details of “Pick-up Service”)) by trained personnel.

In the selected countries listed below there is access to a LUMIX Pro Hotline that will be available Monday – Friday (check the list below for local availability). Local tariffs apply. Mobile phone rates can be higher. Operating times are subject to change.

Australia 1300 LUMIXP (586 497) 09:00 – 17:00 AEST
United Kingdom +44 (0) 33 03 33 1069 09:00 – 20:00
United States +1 (0) 866 LUMIX PS
+1 (0) 866 58649 77
08:00 – 20:00
Eastern Standard Time
Germany +49 (0) 69 22 22 16 199 08:00 – 20:00
France +33 (0)170 707 699 09:00 – 17:00
Italy +39 (0) 68 7500 669 09:00 – 18:00
Spain +34 (0) 91 41 48 469 09:00 – 20:00
Japan +81 (0) 3 3251 2028 10:00 – 17:00

7.4 Sensor Cleaning:

This benefit is only available to Australian Lumix pro members, when in Australia. A Sensor cleaning services are provided in Australia by LUMIX Pro Service Dealers. LUMIX Pro Members are entitled to the following benefits based on their membership level:

Silver Membership: None
Platinum Membership: 2

To redeem sensor clean users must use the LUMIX Pro website to activate their sensor clean at their preferred service location, once complete, a digital voucher will be emailed to the users email address. This voucher must be shown to the LUMIX Pro Service Dealer who will be conducting the service. One voucher is required per product having its sensor cleaned. Once vouchers have be exhausted the customer will be required to pay the Pro dealer at their normal sensor cleaning rate.

7.5 Evaluation Loan Equipment:

Product evaluations are provided by selected LUMIX Pro Service Dealers located around mainland Australia. Dealers providing these services may change, for the most up to date list of providers head to https://lumixpro.panasonic.com.au/. This benefit is only available within Australia. It is not available in any other Territory location. LUMIX Pro Members are entitled to the following benefits based on their level:

Silver Membership: 2x Items for 3 days each
Platinum Membership: 2x Items for 1 week each

The products available to loan may change based on dealer, and availability, some waiting list may apply. LUMIX Pro Dealers will work with you to make a product available for you at your requested time.

To request a product evaluation users must log into the LUMIX Pro website to generate a digital coupon (the” Coupon”) for their preferred LUMIX Pro Service Dealer. The Coupon is only valid at the allocated dealer as stated in the Coupon. The Coupon must be shown to the LUMIX Pro Service Dealer to redeem the loan equipment at no charge for the given period based on the entitlement of the user level.

When a user submits a request with a period of loan and the item requested, the LUMIX Pro Loan Provider will contact you via phone or email to advise availability and arrange collection of the item. These requests are always subject to availability.

When loaning equipment, you accept the loan subject to the terms and conditions of the individual Pro Service Dealer. These may include restrictions for use in dangerous or toxic environments, require you to provide credit card authorities or holding deposits, and complying with Identification (ID) validation. Please speak to your local LUMIX Pro Service Dealer to confirm the terms and conditions that will apply.

One Coupon is required per item of equipment. e.g Camera + Lens requires two coupons. If you require equipment for any period longer than the entitlement period or quantity of items that exceed the Coupon level, the LUMIX Pro Dealer will need to be contacted to confirm the applicable hire rates that will apply.

8. Cancellation of Membership

You are entitled to cancel your LPS Membership at any time. You can do so by contacting the LPS Membership admin team in writing or by email, using the email addresses in Clause 2.3, or by using the “Cancel Membership” function in your LPS profile.

Your LPS Membership and account may be disabled or terminated immediately by Panasonic if you breach of these Terms of Use or if, in the absolute discretion of Panasonic, you are found to have been using your membership and/or the services offered hereunder in an inappropriate manner at any time.

In addition, Panasonic reserves the right to cancel any membership in its absolute discretion should it be deemed necessary or appropriate.

If Panasonic rejects your membership application or cancels your membership your details will be completely removed from the system and cannot be recovered.

Any personal data collected by us will be in accordance with our Privacy Policy. On cancellation of your membership your LPS account through the portal you will still have access to your benefits up until the end of your membership. To have your data completely deleted from the Panasonic LUMIX Professional Services system you can make this request to lps@au.panasonic.com.

Deletion is irreversible and it is not possible to reinstate a LPS Membership once this request has been made. However, if you wish to re-join at any time, you can simply register as a new member as detailed in Section 3.

If Panasonic cancels the membership of any individual for a breach of these Terms of Use, then Panasonic is not obliged to return any membership fees, either partially or in full, that have been paid for the current, or previous, membership periods.

Panasonic reserves the right to withdraw the LUMIX PRO programme at any time. If Panasonic withdraws the LUMIX PRO programme it will inform each member of the details and actions that will follow.


9. Personal Information

All Personal Data collected by us will be in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Refer to the relevant Privacy Policy for Australia which can be found at this link.

We may need to transfer your Personal Information to other Panasonic Affiliates to provide the Services you require or any other services/assistance you request. All Panasonic Affiliates are required to follow the privacy practices set forth in our Global Privacy Policy.


10. Miscellaneous

All queries relating to LPS Membership should be addressed to the LPS Membership admin team via your local email address as per Clause 2.3. All complaints should also be addressed to the LPS Membership admin team via email.

In addition, information about you and your membership may be used by Panasonic to review your use of the LPS services and/or to review, develop and improve our services, products and offers and/or for internal market research and statistical analysis.

Panasonic reserves the right to change these Terms of Use at any time including, without limitation, details of the Qualifying Equipment, membership levels and benefits and may implement changes or updates from time to time without notice to you and as such you should review the LPS website periodically. However, Panasonic will endeavour to communicate and highlight any major changes to the terms.

If any term or condition is not strictly applied or adhered to by Panasonic at any time, it shall not prevent Panasonic from choosing to strictly apply that term or condition or any other term or condition at any other time.

Any fault that has been identified as a result of a fault with a third party product, such as, but not limited to Non-Panasonic Memory cards, Flash units, third party batteries or non-standard Panasonic cables will not be covered by the standard conditions of the LPS program or for repairs undertaken with the Turnaround Times for the membership level of the member.

Panasonic will not be liable for any loss of data from any memory card used within any of the cameras registered as part of the LPS program.

These terms are governed by the laws of the country in which you are resident. Nothing in these terms and conditions affects your rights as a consumer to rely on the mandatory provisions of local law.



Countries that are NOT included on the list here will not qualify for any LPS Membership benefits. The reciprocal global benefits that are listed in 5.2 for Black and Platinum members can be accessed within countries as “Available”. The list of countries and the LPS repair and loan service availability of the countries will be updated from time to time. Panasonic reserves the right to change the list of countries and the LPS repair & loan service availability of the countries at any time without notice. LPS members residing in any country not listed in this table will not receive the LPS repair and loan benefits. You should periodically review the list of countries and the LPS repair & loan service availability of the countries.

Country LPS Repair & Loan Service Availability
Austria Available
Australia Available
Belgium Available
Bulgaria Not Available
Canada Available
Croatia Not Available
Cyprus Not Available
Czech Republic Available
Denmark Not Available
Finland Not Available
France Available
Germany Available
Greece Not Available
Hungary Not Available
Iceland Not Available
Ireland Available
Italy Available
Japan Available
Luxembourg Not Available
Malta Not Available
Netherlands Not Available
Norway Not Available
Poland Available
Portugal Not Available
Romania Not Available
Russia Not Available
Serbia Not Available
Slovakia Available
Slovenia Not Available
Spain Available
Sweden Available
Switzerland Not Available
United Kingdom Available
United States of America Available

1. ‘Not Available’ means LPS repair and loan services are not available in those countries as detailed in Clause 5 and subject to the Terms of Use herein.

2. ‘Available’ means LPS repair and loan back-up services are available within the stated country depending on membership status as detailed in Clause 5 and subject to the Terms of Use herein.